Endeavour's move closes numerous streets


See an interactive map of Endeavour's route and viewing locations

One lane of Westchester Parkway near LAX is already closed off, and residents in the area can expect to see plenty more closures as the shuttle starts to make its way to the California Science Center.

Westchester Parkway will be closed off entirely up to a section along La Tijera. One lane of Lincoln Boulevard will also be shut down as the shuttle makes its way to a makeshift parking lot, where it will be sitting for several hours before it makes the journey to its final destination.

The shuttle was expected to leave LAX at 2 a.m. and travel eastbound, past the Forum, north on Crenshaw Boulevard, then down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Endeavour should get to the California Science Center by about 9 p.m. Saturday.

The shuttle arrived in Los Angeles last month and has been parked in a giant hangar at LAX ever since. It will be one of the largest objects to ever be transported on Los Angeles streets.

Airport and city officials from Inglewood and Los Angeles have spent the last three weeks getting the final details ironed out. Crews have cut down hundreds of trees and moved power lines to accommodate the shuttle's 78-foot wing span.

With the Endeavour moving down 12 miles of L.A. streets at two miles an hour, residents can expect to see some traffic headaches. Officials are urging the public to stay away from the shuttle's route and view it at one of the designated viewing areas.

See an interactive map of Endeavour's route and viewing locations along the way

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