Cool Kid and her dog help kids improve reading


"For an English assignment we had to write a story. So I decided to write about Raisin. And my mom decided to go and publish it," says Karley.

Karley's put her book to great use. She incorporates it, as well as Raisin, to help disadvantaged kids learn to read, a skill she feels is essential to everyone.

"Reading is a huge thing in life. You need to be able to read to get through certain things in life," says Karley.

It works in two ways. First, the kids get to read a book that keeps their interest. And second, they get to read aloud to a great audience, which includes Raisin, the cute pug in the book.

"They wouldn't feel judged reading," says Karley. "So instead of reading to a teacher or schoolmate, they'd read to the dog. I think it helps their confidence in reading."

Karley says watching young minds grow and benefit from her efforts is a reward in itself.

"It feels really good just to see how a dog can help someone's reading skills go up without doing anything and how their confidence level can go up. It's a good feeling," says Karley.

The book, "Raisin, A Doggie's Tale," and Cool Kid Karley Cable are working together to open the world of reading to children of all ages.

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