Recent weather aggravating allergy sufferers


With heavy rain and a long heat wave allergist Dr Katie Marks says more patients are coming in with severe symptoms because of the weird weather.

"All the hot weather, we've had more pollen in the air all during the seasons," said Marks.

So allergy sufferers aren't getting a break and she says the rain didn't help because thunderstorms bring certain wind patterns called updrafts.

"This can disrupt mold spores, so you can actually have very high mold counts in the air, so people that are sensitive to mold will really feel those effects," said Marks.

This constant barrage of allergens has put every body's noses on high alert. Dr. Marks says our airways are primed and ready to react to the slightest irritant.

"They don't need as much of that allergen to cause their symptoms," said Marks.

Reversing the priming effect is very hard to do. Over-the-counter medications and avoiding allergens help, but Marks says if you want to stop allergies before they start, you're going to need a treatment plan.

"You're noticing that your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, your daily life, your daily activities. I think whether that's two days or two months, that's the point you need to say to yourself that you should see a doctor or you should see an allergist."

Find out exactly what you're allergic to. Regular allergy shots can help keep symptoms under control.

One allergy sufferer recommends closing windows and turning on an air-conditioner and turn on a HEPA filter if you can.

Dr. Marks says for immediate relief try cleaning out your nose with a sinus rinse. Avoid irritants. If your symptoms are interfering with your daily activities, it's time to see out a medical help.

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