Oxnard officer-involved shooting kills two, injures third suspect

OXNARD, Calif.

It happened when police officers attempted to pull over a motorist. The driver initially failed to stop but later came to a suspicious halt for approximately 10 minutes between Second Street and Grant Avenue.

During this time, according to Oxnard Police, the three male subjects inside the vehicle failed to comply with the officer's instructions. Information from dispatch emerged that the vehicle occupants had possibly brandished a handgun or weapon.

The driver suddenly drove off and continued to evade officers. Soon after, the driver stopped in the 100 block of North Garfield Avenue.

Once the vehicle came to a complete stop, two of the vehicle occupants made a run for it which led to the officer-involved shooting. Upon securing the scene, one of the subjects was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries while two others sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

Oxnard police officers arrested one suspect. Authorities do not know the involvement of the fourth person in this incident.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is conducting the investigation along with the help of the Oxnard Police Department.

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