Donating blood is Eastvale family's tradition


Every eight weeks like clockwork, Avila, his wife and daughter squeeze in time to give blood.

"It's free, it takes about an hour of your time, it's not that big of a deal even if you are afraid of needles," said Avila's daughter, Olivia Sanchez. "I personally don't look at the needle when it goes into my arm. It's just the right thing to do."

On Tuesday, her son, George Sanchez, did his part to keep the family tradition going strong.

"To realize that just a pint of my blood is going to save three other people's lives who need, and I know there are definitely people who need it now more than anything," he said.

Together, the Avila family has donated an estimated 20 gallons of blood, an impressive amount which has likely impacted the lives of hundreds of people in the Southern California region. LifeStream blood donation organization has even featured the family in ads and commercials.

"We just thought they were great faces for us," said Don Escalante, a spokesman for LifeStream. "They're great examples to look up to and they haven't let us down. They are great to have on our team."

The Avila's tradition of giving is one they hope to continue for generations to come.

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