Disney launches 'Limited Time Magic' for 2013


The program will include impromptu concerts, dance parties, colored lighting, character meet-and-greets, new menu and merchandise items and other events.

Disney erected a 25-foot-tall castle made of ice in New York's Times Square on Wednesday to symbolize the fleeting nature of the weekly surprises.

Disney said social networking will play a big part in letting park visitors know the latest "Limited Time Magic" news. Guests might also be asked to vote on which characters they'd like to see or be sent on scavenger hunts to figure out what's new or different.

Each "Limited Time Magic" event will last a week. Themes will include celebrations for Fourth of July, Valentine's Day and others like "Pirate Week" and "Long Lost Friends Week," which will feature lesser-known Disney characters.

Disney is the parent company of ABC7.

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