Laguna Beach passes law requiring helmets for skateboarders


The boards would be held by the police department for a week for first-time offenders. Repeat offenders would have their boards held for up to a month. Offenders under the age of 18 would have to take a parent to get the skateboard released.

There's also a $25 fine. Juveniles will have to undergo counseling through a diversion program. The Laguna Beach ordinance applies to all ages, not just minors.

The goal is to cut down on reckless skateboarding. Last year Laguna Beach banned skateboarding on eight of its steepest hills. There is a speed limit for skaters in the city. Other safety rules include prohibiting skating after dark, performing acrobatics and crossing the center of the road.

Wednesday's measure passed with a 4-1 vote. Councilman Kelly Boyd, the lone dissenter, said it would take time away from other police work, unfairly targeted skateboarders over bicyclists and those on other vehicles, and usurped a role best played by parents.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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