Santa Monica House of Rock mansion parties could be halted


The Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday considered an emergency ordinance that could bring any rocking and rolling to a halt. However, there was no immediate word of any action.

According to neighbors, two events in September clogged the streets with catering trucks, Hummers and vans. Some even say they've seen naked party-goers sleeping off the parties in their cars. Residents in the quiet neighborhood no longer want to deal with the commotion.

But Elaine Culotti, the designer behind the 10,000-square-foot mansion on La Mesa Drive, says she doesn't consider it a party house, but rather a place to host charity events that simultaneously help sell and market the property.

The home used to belong to actress Kathryn Grayson, but two years ago Culotti repurposed the home and formed the House of Rock, LLC. High-end designers and furniture dealers have donated their services in return for exposure and sales opportunities. Many rooms in the home are hard-wired with micro phoned panels, fiber-optic cables and other musical innovations.

The charity events are expected to continue into December. Three have already taken place and five more are scheduled. The latest event was held last week, when 350 guests showed up and paid $500 each to get in. The event featured a musical performance and a silent auction supporting City of Hope's Song of Hope.

The City Council will meet at Santa Monica City Hall at 5:30 p.m. to decide if they want to adopt an emergency ordinance that would prohibit residential property owners from hosting more than 150 people at one time for the purpose of selling a home.

Culotti's attorneys say the ordinance is a violation of their right to free association, and they plan to sue the city if the ordinance passes.

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