Fellow Congressional Democrats Hahn, Richardson face off in new district


Richardson and Hahn are battling for the same congressional seat in the House of Representatives in a redrawn district. They are both Democrats. The loser will be out of a job.

"The biggest difference is actually she's only been in Congress one year and I've been in congress five, and that's a key difference," said Richardson.

Hahn has a different take on what sets them apart.

"One of the main differences between us is of course she is one of nine members of Congress that has been reprimanded for ethical violations," said Hahn.

Richardson was reprimanded by her House colleagues and paid a $10,000 fine. It was for illegally forcing her congressional staff to campaign for her and obstructing the investigation into her conduct.

In an interview, Richardson admits the accuracy of the charges but she won't admit to being a leader of the illegal actions.

"The fact remains that there were two major incidences where staff were compelled to participate," said Richardson. "Neither one of them were under my direction. Neither one of them was I present. But I have to take responsibility for my office and that's what I did."

Richardson and her volunteers to continue to campaign. According to the Richardson, the corruption conviction is rarely brought up by voters to either her or her staff. Her fundraising has suffered however.

Hahn beat Richardson in the primary by 20 points. Hahn admits the differences between her and fellow Democrat Richardson on the issues is almost non-existent.

"What I'm finding is that people in this new Congressional district are actually looking for a change," said Hahn.

So it becomes a political showdown between two respected Congressional incumbents. The voters will make the final decision.

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