Shuttle Endeavour exhibit gives behind-the-scenes look at media sneak peek


The exhibit was open to the media for a preview on Thursday. It will be open to the public starting Oct. 30.

The "Endeavour: The California Story" exhibit is set up with a mission-control-like atmosphere with various items on display. For example, guests will be able to see and touch the actual tires from Endeavour's last flight. There's also a Pulseworks simulator ride to show you what it's like to go into orbit.

The exhibit also displays images of Endeavour under construction in Palmdale as well as artifacts that flew into space aboard the shuttle. An item that gets a lot of attention is Endeavour's toilet - which comes with an elaborate demonstration video.

Not only will you get to see the Endeavour, you'll get to explore the actual flight deck. The furnishings and equipment from the Rocketdyne Operational Support Center are also on display along with audio/visual sequences from actual launches.

California Science Center President Jeff Rudolph said the exhibit introduces people to Endeavour and delves into California's role in building Endeavour and other space shuttles.

Endeavour arrived at the California Science Center on Oct. 14 after a 12-mile trek through the streets of Los Angeles.

See photos of Endeavour's historic move to the California Science Center

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