Crenshaw High School's Robert Garrett is the ABC7 NFL High School Coach of the Week


And after winning three city championships in the last seven years, Head Coach Robert Garrett has the Cougars rolling again in 2012.

"This year's team is very special," Garrett said. "Don't have too many kids and don't need many to play. But due to their hard work and tenacity and leadership, we're able to be 7-1. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world."

Garrett admits he can be tough, loud and demanding, even rubbing some people the wrong way.

"You heard it all. Whatever those attributes are -- tough, loud and those things, but nevertheless we get results," Garrett said. "I think the kids understand what that's all about. You got to coach them up hard anyway at any level."

Despite all of the fun his teams have and their on-field success, Garrett says his greatest accomplishment is helping the underprivileged student-athletes.

Just last year, one of his players was living in a homeless shelter. Garrett helped the student stay on track, graduate with a 3.8 GPA and get accepted to the Air Force Academy.

"It's putting an inkling into society, and probably hoping society would be a better place to live when you leave," Garrett said.

Many of Garrett's players say his help often extends beyond the football field.

"He's a father to some of us when we need him. We can go talk to him whenever we need him. He's more than just a coach," said player Dominique Hatfield.

Garrett is glad to take on that role with his team.

"I think some things that we try to teach here is to be a good citizen more than anything, a good student, a good husband, a good person, be accountable, be responsible, be respectful, all of those things I think we try to teach within football," Garrett said.

Crenshaw's Robert Garrett is the ABC7 NFL High School Coach of The Week.

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