Tips to enjoy Halloween candy responsibly


Chocolate lovers, think dark. Dark chocolate bites offer a dose of antioxidants that offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Science indicates a one-ounce portion is a safe bet, which is about two pieces.

Or, get nutty. Nuts contain good fats, along with other nutrients, protein and fiber. PayDay, Baby Ruth and Snickers have nutty goodness in petite portions. Same goes for chocolate-covered fruit, like raisins. They are little nuggets of fiber and iron.

Calorie wise, go for candy that slows you down. Kisses take time to unwrap, while hard candy will last a good long time.

Both Musketeers and York Peppermint Patty are chocolate choices that are lower in fat and calories than other chocolaty treats, while jellies are sugary but saturated-fat free.

You also want to watch for ingredient lists containing partially hydrogenate oil. Steer clear.

Now, beyond the type of candy you choose, how much and where you stow it is equally as important. A study in Appetite magazine found test subjects ate 59 more M&M's when a big bag was purchased. Subjects ate more when candy was close by and in plain sight. So, put a lid on it, and get it off your desk or counter.

If you are indulging, it is recommended that you eat a little something with your candy to help keep your blood sugar in check.

And believe it or not, this probably one of the only times you don't want to follow the manufacturer's suggested serving size. You should be happy with just one or two.

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