Halloween safety tips for trick or treaters


Police tell children not to trick or treat alone, bring a flashlight and don't accept unwrapped candy.

"I have to carry a flashlight with me to make sure nothing happens, and when I cross the street, I'm going to be sure to have an adult with me," said Estaphanie Raya

Alex Perez said he'll be watching out for cars and other people when he goes trick or treating.

Parents also take the warning to heart.

"Definitely going fairly early, making sure we have a flashlight, making sure that we're crossing the street the right way," said parent Anita Gonzalez.

A lot of the worries haven't changed over the years, but one growing concern for parents is distracted drivers, like people on cellphones or texting.

"We are enforcing that more and more," said LAPD Capt. Jeffrey Bert. "It's one of the more ridiculous things a driver can do right now, knowing what we know and how distracted driving can lead to such horrific accidents."

Drinking and driving is the other worry for police, and they promise they will be on the lookout for those violating the law.

"There is no costume, there is no mask that's going to hide drunk driving from us," Bert said.

The warnings aren't new, but they are always important and more relevant than ever for kids and their parents as the witching hour approaches.

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