Local assembly candidate sued, allegedly printed SSN of opponent's wife


Both men are running for a state Assembly seat. Lin says his wife isn't even involved in his campaign but is targeted by his opponent. He says the release of his wife's social security number and address has upset her. She will not go on camera.

"People should not jeopardize her privacy. She's a very private person. I love her so much. Some nights I see her crying. I just feel sorry about it," said Lin.

Lin's wife is suing Chau, claiming he violated her privacy by publishing her social security numbers.

Chau has his campaign office not far from Lin's. Chau says he didn't knowingly release the social security numbers.

"Our campaign team simply went to the L.A. County Registrar's Office and obtained copies of the tax liens which are publically recorded documents," said Chau. "If the social security numbers were disclosed, that was totally unintentional."

Chau's mailers attacking his opponent have been tough. They allege Lin doesn't pay his taxes. Yet Chou admits that statement refers to liens on property that were owed by a Lin tenant but paid by Lin 15 years ago. Lin also says he's never met Mitt Romney or former Senator Pete Wilson, as indicated in another Chau pamphlet.

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