Angelenos have mixed reaction to President Obama re-election


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Kelly Bakst, David Snider and Andy Babb are three friends - Snider being the lone Obama supporter - and they've remained friends even after the elections.

"My candidate didn't make it, but I'm hopeful for America and hopeful we can get things on the right track," said Bakst.

Snider joked that they're all friends - at least for now.

"We are feeling good about America even though my candidate didn't win. I support our president and want our country to do the best it can," said Babb.

These reactions are a far cry from the animosity felt during the campaign.

"It was really negative. I mean even Facebook had gotten - people were un-friending each other and it got really nasty," described Kimberli Davenport, a supporter of Mr. Obama.

In Los Angeles County, preliminary numbers show voter turnout was down this year about 16 percent from 2008. However, many people told Eyewitness News they were glued to their TV sets on Tuesday night.

"I didn't know it was going to be that close considering Romney had a huge lead in the beginning," said Tina Porcelli.

Some wasted no time predicting what's to come in the next four years, pointing to a drop in the stock market Wednesday morning.

Others say they're just glad the political advertisements are over.

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