Disabled woman gets new motorized golf cart from anonymous donor


"Thank you, thank you," said Roberta Ferguson as she cried. "I have not been able to go to the market or go to the doctors."

The Highland resident suffers from congestive heart failure. She says it's almost impossible to get in and out of a car, so for the past month, without her golf cart, she's been practically stuck.

"She had been totally miserable without it, finding people to get her rides to go to the store," said friend Cindy Kinzer.

On Wednesday, a new motorized golf car was delivered by Joey Bishop Golf Carts of Camarillo.

"It's even nicer than the one I had," Ferguson said.

It's fully street legal, with headlights, turn signals and a loud horn.

"It brings back the feeling that there are good people out there, someone to take the time to do this for her, get it registered," said caregiver Yvonne Ellerbe. "Whoever you are, thank you so much, she really appreciates it."

So what's the first thing that Ferguson is going to do with her new golf cart? Make the mile-and-a-half drive to make her house payment.

"I was feeling ashamed of myself for being so unhappy about the golf cart, and you go and do this for me," she said. "Thank you so much, thank you."

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