Hiking Yoga classes: Stretch, breathe, sweat


An innovative workout called Hiking Yoga is 90 minutes long, and you guessed it -- participants take a hike, and then strike a pose.

"You just get this chance to have a really neat experience of combining fitness and being outdoors and the workout of the climb, with the peace and quiet of nature," said Susannah Hall, a Hiking Yoga instructor.

Stretch, breathe, sweat and smile. Offered at Griffith Park and Temescal Canyon in the Pacific Palisades, there's about 35 total minutes of yoga time and 40 minutes of hiking. On some hikes, they tote mini mats for rough terrain.

"Got to wear good shoes, water, sunscreen. It is sunny out here," said Hill.

Some trot up the mountain and come back to yoga camp, while others take their time on the trail. But all levels are welcomed and modifications are offered for all fitness levels, ages and sizes. It's not only for a workout, but also to get some social interaction.

"For us, we haven't seen each other in a month so we're like, 'Let's do something out-doorsy and get together and have a little lady date," said Michelle Bonfils of Los Feliz.

Hiking is a great cardiovascular activity, but it can make your muscles and joints sore. So adding this yoga component certainly adds a great stretch to the program.

"We hike for about 15 to 20 minutes and then we stop and do some asana yoga, and then we keep going and hike a little bit more," said Hill.

A single session costs about $20, but Hall says buying packages or using Groupon when offered brings the cost down.

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