'Twilight' die-hard fans already camping out for final film premiere


The cold and drizzly morning didn't dampen any spirits as thousands of fans with luggage in hand filed into the Nokia Theatre Plaza.

"It's going to be a fun time. To just get away from the kids, the family and just be in another world for five days," said Stacey Pascullo, from Dallas, Texas.

Summit Entertainment is hosting the festivities in advance of the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" world premier - the last installment in the hugely popular movie series.

Fans who call themselves "Twi-hards" wouldn't miss this for the world. They pre-registered months ago and many flew in from all over the world.

Thursday morning, rain left puddles on the pavement where the fans will sleep through Monday. They set up their tents on the slick pavement.

"It's ok. It's just rain. There's tents. We'll be good. There's a Starbucks around the corner. We'll just sit there and drink coffee all day," said Jenny Mayberry, also from Dallas, Texas.

Bianca Lara from San Diego said she's glad organizers provided a wide tent for people to camp under since not everyone who came out had tents of their own.

The campers out here aren't spending the next four nights on the street for tickets for the movie. They're out there to see their favorite stars walk the red carpet in the Nokia Theatre Plaza.

Some can't wait to see Jacob, others are part of "Team Edward" or "Team Bella." Another group came out to see Bella's real-life body guard who they've nicknamed "HBG" - hot body guard.

Organizers say the "Twilight" fan sub-culture grows with every premier and the last film is no exception. Close to 2,500 are expected to fill downtown streets over the weekend. That's more than double the crowd who showed up for "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1."

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