Fall storm causes power outage, trouble around Southland


"The rain is causing a little bit of trouble for those in San Dimas just above La Verne on De Anza Heights. Myself and my neighbors have been without power now for a couple of hours," said San Dimas resident Harry Sarkisian.

Heavy rain fell across the San Gabriel Valley on Thursday evening. But some are very welcoming of the change in weather.

Skiers and snowboarders are hoping the fall storm brings a blanket of snow with it. Late Thursday afternoon, thick grey clouds began rolling into Big Bear Lake. A cold storm is expected to bring both chilly temperatures and the potential for snow. Karen Miller of Big Bear was among the shoppers at a local Vons stocking up on groceries ahead of the cold front.

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"You have to turn on the heater in your house and do all the things you have to keep the house warm, get the firewood in, get your food and just prepare," she said.

A lot of that preparation includes stocking the woodpile. With fall conditions cooling and wintry weather on its way, it's been very busy at A.J. Acosta's firewood business.

Residents preparing for the cold want to make sure their deliveries will arrive ahead of the storm.

"Lots of calls, I'd say at least 15 calls for delivery per day plus we have in house where you can pick up your wood," said Annie Meyers, who works at Acosta's business.

At Snow Summit, preparations are also underway with the snow level expected to drop to the 3,000-foot level. The ski resort staff is on standby to switch on dozens of snow making machines to help Mother Nature along.

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"Snow is always welcomed. We'll take snow anytime and we hope to get a little bit of natural snow, but the cold temperature is really what is going to kick this off tonight," said Chris Riddle with Big Bear Mountain Resorts. With any luck, the slopes will be open in time for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles County, rain fell from Pasadena to Downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach.

"I think it's good. We needed the rain. The heat's been kind of annoying lately," said Adeniz Villar of Pasadena.

Thursday was expected to be mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid-60s in most areas. Friday will be a few degrees chillier, with a 30-percent chance of showers.

"I have no problem with the change in weather. In fact, I welcome it," said Guillermo Ortiz of Los Angeles. "It's kind of nice to be able to experience different seasons in California. We never really get to, not like other states."

Roads are wet and slick, so drivers were urged to take it slow.

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