NRC reviews request to keep San Onofre nuclear plant closed until license changed


FOE said the plant's license should have been changed when steam generators different from the original permit were installed two years ago. The license was granted by Southern California Edison. SCE operates the nuclear plant.

The nuclear plant was shut down earlier this year when a leak was detected in one of its reactors. Unusual wear was discovered in steam tubes in the plant.

The NRC and SCE have publically said the plant will remain closed until the plant's safety is ensured.

A five-member commission appointed by the president met with FOE representatives in a session that was open to the public and broadcast online at

FOE was to ask the commission for a stay, which would keep the plant shut down until SCE's operating permit is amended. That wouldn't happen until after a public hearing takes place that includes expert testimony.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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