Cool Kid Marisol Zarate inspires with the language of her music


"When I move my bow back and forth, it's like it's speaking for me in ways that words can't," says Zarate. "And so whenever I express feelings, it's like it can do it for me."

Early on while studying the violin, Marisol's mother passed away. But in the middle of experiencing intense sadness, Marisol found something else in her music.

"Just a lot of relief. A lot of the grief I was feeling came out through that time when I was playing my music," says Marisol.

Now she's a member of the Symphonie Jeunesse orchestra. Marisol has impressed many people with her talent and her heart.

"I see such strength of spirit, such growth, such positive outlook in the face of having to go through what she's been through," says Michele Tacchia, founder and director Symphonie Jeunesse.

As time moves on, Marisol still feels an unbreakable bond with her mother.

"I know she's at peace, so I feel like we both can connect through music at that very moment," says Marisol.

With her mother's inspiration, Marisol uses her music to inspire those around her.

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