Grocery shopping made easy for men


Like many guys, Santa Monica resident Marcel Bridges struggles at the supermarket.

"Because it's big and I'm not too familiar with it," said Bridges.

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert says men of all ages are shopping by themselves more than ever before, and they could use some tips.

"When a single man comes into a supermarket, they're not as experienced as women have been, because women typically have learned how to shop from their moms," said Lempert. "So as a result, every time they go up and down the aisle, it's like a surprise."

As you may have heard, men don't like to stop and ask for directions. Lempert says the same holds true for market. They should have a "grocery GPS."

"Don't be shy," said Lempert. "Go up to the produce manager, go up to the meat manager and learn and ask the right questions."

Often a man's significant other gets a call.

"Shopping is a little bit intimidating sometimes and there is a lot of stuff that I tend to forget, so I have the phone handy just in case I need to call my wife and find out exactly what she needs," said West L.A. resident Genaro Trejo.

Lempert says for men between the ages 25 and 35, nutrition is most important to them. After 35 it's all about flavor. And for aging Baby-Boomers?

"They want to live forever. So they're reading all the nutritional information and all of the ingredients," said Lempert.

And like everyone else, they want to save money. Bridges brought a list to resist impulse buys, has a club card and he likes coupons.

"Also, plan out your meals for the entire week so you know what you're going to eat," said Lempert.

Whether it's dad gearing up for dinnertime or a single guy planning out lunches, knowing the lay of the land saves time and money.

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