'Twilight' stars satisfied with series finale


For the cast, it's been quite a life-changing experience. They said they wanted this movie to be a fitting finale for fans.

"We put the effort into the movie," said one of the film's stars, Robert Pattinson. "It was a hard shoot and (director Bill Condon's) heart was in the right place. He was very aware. It's kind of like a tribute to 'Twilight' fans. It felt like that when we were doing it, so I hope they like it."

"I am satisfied," added another star, Taylor Lautner. "I am not satisfied that it's ending, but I'm satisfied with how it's ending. If it has to come to an end, this was the way to do it."

The series' female star, Kristen Stewart, agrees.

"I think it would be terrible to walk away from any experience like this not feeling that closure of being satisfying," she said. "I feel good not worrying about Bella anymore. I think we did everything we can for the characters."

The characters find themselves ready for battle in the film's big finale. Viewers should be ready to be surprised.

"I would describe this movie as epic," Lautner said. "This is the most epic one for sure, but also after the epicness [sic], it becomes very sweet and it wraps up the franchise in a very nice way and pays tribute to everything and everyone and I think the fans will appreciate that as well."

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