New app WhatsMyM3 tests for treatable mood disorders


Dr. Daviss says the app's 3-minute test has been medically proven to reliably screen for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

Online or on your phone, the medical monitoring of mood checklist creates a score for each disorder and allows you to share the information with your doctor.

People who score 0 to 33 have a lower risk of having a treatable mood disorder.

"If the score's above 33, the chance of them having a mental health problem is 85 percent," Dr. Daviss said.

You rate your feelings based on statements like "I feel dull, numb, or detached," "I can't get certain thoughts out of my mind" and "I am nervous or shaky in social situations."

The test could also help people like Patrick Hendry who was hospitalized 14 times in a span of six years before he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

"The most telling moment was when I hooked up a hose to the tailpipe of my car," Hendry said.

Before Hendry found the right treatment, he scored in the 60s on the WhatsMyM3 checklist. Today, he uses the app to manage his disease.

"I've been taking it periodically and so far I keep hitting pretty much dead on the same... 31, 30, 32," Hendry said.

Dr. Daviss says it's a useful tool for patients and their doctors.

"It gives the primary care physician some objective evidence to help them evaluate whether somebody is suffering from one of these conditions," he said.

WhatsMyM3 is peer-reviewed and free to take online. There's also an app available for $3 for those with iPhones and Androids.

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