Riverside woman in need wins car giveaway


Up until Tuesday, the single mother had to rely on the bus to shuttle herself to work, the grocery store and various doctor's appointments for her children and mother.

Barlow is now the proud owner of a 2010 Toyota Corolla. She was one of several people who submitted an application for the car giveaway. She wrote a five-page essay detailing her struggle with drugs and homelessness and her effort to get clean, hold down a job and make a home for her children.

"It's really difficult. I feel really blessed that they are helping me with this," she said. "I could do so much for my kids and be there for my mom."

The car was salvaged by the Auto Club and donated to Ben Clymer's the Body Shop in Riverside. The repair shop fixed the damage to get it ready for its fourth annual Benevolence Car Giveaway.

"The cost would be substantial if it wasn't for the team members that were ready to donate their time, their energy and their resources," Clymer said.

The car wasn't the only gift. Barlow received a trunk full of groceries and two child car seats. For which she had only these words.

Barlow said that the first trip she will be making in her new car will be to take her mother to a doctor's appointment.

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