Cool Kid gets a 'kick' out of helping special-needs kids play sports


Jacob Bocanegra volunteers with a group called Top Soccer. It's an organization that gives special-needs kids a chance to do something all children love to do: play the game.

"A lot of these special-needs children don't get that opportunity," says Jacob. "But when we do this program, they do get the opportunity. And to see them smile and just appreciate that they're playing a sport is the greatest thing."

Jacob's desire to help the kids comes from a very inspirational athlete in his own home.

"Because of my sister," says Jacob. "Because she just never stops talking about how she plays soccer and basketball and baseball."

Families who watch the kids play see how Jacob really makes a brotherly connection with each and every player.

"He makes every kid on this team feel like he's the biggest winner," says Erin Blake, parent of one of the players. "He's just wonderful, he has such a kind soul."

While Jacob's priority is to make sure that the kids are having a great time, he also gets so much back from them.

"To see them feel accomplished, it just amazes me and it brings a smile on my face every single time. It never gets old," says Jacob.

Cool Kid Jacob Bocanegra takes soccer to a new level, finding a way to make sure every child playing the game has fun -- and most importantly, feels like they're truly part of the team.

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