Fall-like weather ushers in holiday season in SoCal


"It definitely does. That plus Starbucks cups looking like the holiday season, it finally feels like fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of that," said Jim Meade of Sherman Oaks.

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Scattered rain showers and clouds were expected to last into the weekend for most of the Southland with temperatures in the 60s-70s and even some snow in the high elevations.

Overnight rain dampened roads and sidewalks in Silver Lake, Burbank, Long Beach, South Los Angeles and Oxnard, sometimes heavy enough to create puddles.

Southern California drivers are known to have trouble in the rain, and many motorists say it's mainly because folks just don't slow down.

"I'm only worried about everybody else driving in this weather. I feel pretty good with it. It's not too bad," said Jim Meade, a Sherman Oaks resident.

The cooler temps didn't faze Jennifer Little, who is visiting from Idaho. She said the SoCal weather feels warm compared to the near-freezing temperatures she was in earlier at home.

"This is nothing to me," said Little. "It's fabulous. I think you can get away with just a light little scarf and be set for the day - no winter jackets or sweaters needed."

In Hollywood, the wet weather made an overnight charity event a little more difficult. Executives from 20th Century Fox and other companies slept in cardboard boxes outside the Covenant House California to bring awareness to the homeless situation for the youth in North America.

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Hudson Jeans CEO Peter Kim said spending the night outside in the rain was unbelievably difficult. Kim said it was particularly rough since he chose not to use a sleeping bag, because he figured most homeless youth do not have the luxury of owning one.

If you want to learn more about helping the homeless through the Covenant House California, you can visit their website at www.covenanthousecalifornia.org.

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