Health tips to slow aging of your facial skin


Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Chipps says is protecting against the sun is a big factor. But there are a few more tricks of the trade.

"And then topical retinoids, which are things like retin-A or retinol, that help to thicken the skin. And in addition you can use DNA-repair enzyme creams and growth-factor serums to help to improve the complexion," says Chipps.

Then there are many ways people sabotage their skin. First off, sleep on your back, not your face.

"We can tell. When they come in for a consultation they'll have deeper folds on one side of the face. They might have lines up here on the forehead," says Chipps.

Sleeping with central air or heat dries out your skin. Use a humidifier.

Also, slow down on sipping from straws. They can cause fine lines around your lips.

Something else that ages your skin: holding your cell phone to your face. Phones pick up bacteria that can cause acne around your cheeks and jaw line.

"It's important to clean those things off, also just for general health and hygiene," says Chipps.

The same rule applies to eyeglasses and sunglasses.

And do your best to maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight raises hormone levels that break down collagen. Yo-yo dieting will also cause premature aging because of repeated stretching and sagging.

"Maintaining a healthy body in general reflects on your skin," says Chipps. "The skin is sort of a mirror that reflects what's going on in the inside."

Following this advice and put your best face forward.

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