'Twilight' villain Michael Sheen talks finale


"I creep myself out in this film. I have to say there are a few moments in there where I was like, 'Oh, that's really horrible,'" Sheen said with a laugh.

Sheen enjoyed his "Twilight" time, except maybe the costume. He carefully chose the heavy look for the film's lengthy final fight scene, something that took several weeks to complete.

"The whole scene takes place in a forest, in a snowy forest, and I thought we'd be out in the forest somewhere in night shoots, in the cold, for weeks, so I made sure my costume was really warm, layers of wool and heavy drapes and stuff," Sheen said.

But it turned out that he would be on a sound stage in front of a green screen.

"I was boiling hot," he said.

Also back for one last act of vicious villainy was a nearly silent Dakota Fanning.

"She has one word," said "Twilight" director Bill Condon. "She got paid a lot of money for that word."

Aside from the movie's big fight scene, Edward, Bella and Jacob once again get the lion's share of attention here. However, when it's all over, the director made sure to thank the stars of all five films.

"Basically saying, wow, you guys, you know, some actors I never even met or worked with, but you were part of something that's now in the movie history books," Condon said.

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