LAX travelers warned of parking lot scam


On Wednesday, a woman only identified as Catherine was approached by a man she thought was an LAX employee in one of the parking garages. He offered to load suitcases into her car, but when she wasn't paying attention, she says he swiped her iPad.

"He seemed like a legitimate employee with his vest on and he was working hard in the garage pushing carts," she said.

Police say LAX employees who offer assistance should always be in uniform and wearing naming tags.

"But if there is someone who doesn't have on a uniform that identifies them as an employee of some sort, your answer should be 'No,'" said Sgt. Belinda Nettles with LAX police.

Police say criminals will often wear orange or green vests to try and fool unsuspecting travelers.

"I do not want to see this happening to someone else and that's something that people need to be aware of. Just because somebody is wearing a reflective vest, no matter what color, they may not be an LAX employee," said Catherine.

Catherine says she hopes to see increased security in the parking garages. Police say overall security is being stepped up.

"Airport police has deployed more officers on foot, on motorcycles, on bicycles and on segues to patrol the parking structures, to handle and mitigate the traffic, and also to patrol in the terminals," said Nettles.

Police also remind the public to make sure that their cars are locked when parking in a structure and that valuables are hidden.

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