Bradley Cooper: 'Silver Linings Playbook' surpasses genres


The film plays on many levels, and on many emotions, and that's the way Cooper likes it.

"It does sort of transcend genres, all it really does is try to tell an authentic story. And I know in my personal life every tragic moment that's happened to me has had many comedic elements. So how do you fit that in to a genre?" he said.

This film marks the second time Cooper has gotten to share the screen with Oscar-winning actor Robert DeNiro. The two made the drama "Limitless" together last year.

"I'd like to do every scene for the rest of my life with Robert DeNiro," Cooper said. "In this one I got to play his son, and we had to go through some pretty intense relationship moments together, and he just makes it all real."

Cooper's character may have his issues, but somehow he's able to work through his problems and look at the bright side of life. Bradley shares that philosophy.

"I'd say gratitude, grateful, is the place I try to be in, more than anything else. And positivity is a by-product of gratitude," he said.

"Silver Linings Playbook" also stars Jennifer Lawrence and is in theaters now in limited release.

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