Tricks to staying slim during the holidays


The average person opens the fridge 22 times a day, but what your eye spots first could be key to saving you calories. That's why your eye-level shelf should be filled with fruits and veggies. A Cornell study found you're three times more likely to eat healthy food if it's in your line of sight.

Next, shop more and buy less. Don't stock up on a week's worth of food; buy a few days' worth of meals. A Journal of Consumer Psychology report shows people eat less when resources are scarce.

Also, small leftover containers tempt you to eat more. Instead, combine your entrees and sides so that each container has a full meal.

Finally, put your sweet snacks in opaque containers. One Cornell researcher found those who are given chocolates in a clear bowl will eat nearly 70 percent more than when treats are in an opaque bowl.

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