What's Bugging You? Unfinished houses


"To come out every morning and see the same thing - we've been here for four years - it's depressing," said Jenna Quaranta, who lives across the street.

Neighbors say someone lives in the house. We knocked for several minutes until someone opened the door, but once we identified ourselves, he shut the door on us.

According to neighbors, the scaffolding was installed recently, but the outside wood is weathered from long term exposure and some wonder if it is even safe. We asked the city of Los Angeles how a home can remain like this for so long.

"A permit was obtained back in 2007," said David Lara of the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department. "Work had commenced, the Building and Safety Department was conducting actual inspections out here, but there came a time when the job just stopped."

Records show the first permit was issued on July 25, 2007. On Dec. 31, 2008, there were supplemental building permits. In October of 2011, the Building and Safety Department conducted an inspection and confirmed the construction site was unchanged. It expired the building permits and began enforcement on the site. In September of this year, it found out the owner of record is currently in state prison.

The Building and Safety Department said it is moving forward with the city attorney to take legal action.

"Even individuals who violate the law have rights, so we have a right of process with them but we do try to move forward as quickly as possible," Lara said.

Neighbors said now that Eyewitness News is looking into this they hope it might finally get resolved.

We will keep on top of this and let you know what happens.

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