Donny and Marie bring Christmas show to Los Angeles


"There's dancing. There's singing. There's all kinds of entertainment," said Donny. "It's huge. And Marie shows up too."

"And I save the day," said Marie.

The brother-sister duo of Donny and Marie Osmond plan to share Christmas with their fans. They're bringing their holiday show, which they first tried out to rave reviews on Broadway, to Hollywood's Pantages Theatre.

"I enjoy working through the holidays because doing that show night after night, I get the Christmas spirit," said Marie. "To see people laugh and have fun and have memories. It's going back to that thing -- what's the most important thing we can do is to serve others. It's the greatest way to serve."

Donny and Marie have a successful Las Vegas show at the Flamingo five nights a week. They're going strong decades after getting their big breaks on "The Andy Williams Show."

Donny will perform "Moon River" in the show as a tribute to Williams, who died in September.

"We want people to walk away with a feeling," said Donny. "You know, we grew up with some great entertainers. We learned from the best, you know, from Sinatra and Elvis and Sammy Davis Junior and all these people. And what they did is they would go on stage -- yes, the bar has been raised with production nowadays -- but the basics are there and that is give the audience a part of you, your personality, not just the songs, not just the dancing, but give them a part of you. So when they leave that theater, we hope that they're taking a part of Donny and Marie with them, that feeling, that memory."

"Right now, it's not about stuff. It's about creating things that you can talk about throughout the whole year. And sitting around afterwards and having dinner and laughing and remembering times," said Marie. "I think that's what the holidays become, especially as you get a little bit older."

"So it's not just Christmas. It's other moments that we've experienced in our lives that hopefully will touch the hearts of those who come to see this show," said Donny.

"Donny and Marie - Christmas in Los Angeles" opens December 4 and runs through Dec. 23.

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