Bryan Stow beating: City of San Francisco sue Dodgers for unpaid medical bills


The 43-year-old Northern California paramedic suffered severe brain damage. After spending a few months in a Los Angeles hospital, Stow was transferred to San Francisco General Hospital. He spent five months there before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility. The amount San Francisco is seeking adds up to what Stow's medical insurance didn't cover.

"The primary argument is providing inadequate security. If they can prove that, then they should be able to collect their damages in terms of what they paid out in terms of medical expense," said Dana Cole, an attorney.

In the court of public opinion, Ann Hattinger says the previous owners of the Dodgers should pay.

"I think McCourt's responsible," said Hattinger. "My husband was there and it was a horrible day. He called three times for security to come and they didn't come, it took them about 15 to 20 minutes."

Another person thinks the court should decide.

"I think it would have to be decided in a courtroom, I would think, it would be the best way," said Eddie Aguilar of Anaheim.

A spokesperson for the Dodgers says the team cannot comment on the matter because of the pending litigation. Meantime, the two defendants charged in the case were in court earlier Tuesday.

/*Marvin Norwood*/ and /*Louis Sanchez*/ are charged with Stow's beating. They were in court for their pretrial hearing, which has been postponed until February.

Attorneys for Stow's family have filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Dodgers -- that's how much Stow's attorneys estimate will be the cost for his medical care for the rest of his life. The family blames the Dodgers for not providing enough security in the parking lot after the game.

Stow's family says he recently underwent hip surgery to deal with joint pain caused by his injuries. He's expected to undergo more surgeries in the weeks to come.

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