Fake photographer allegedly tried to lure underage girls in Huntington Beach


Police say 42-year-old Coopy Boyer of San Jose met two underage girls last Wednesday in Huntington Beach near Warner Avenue and Goldenwest Street, claiming to be a photographer. Boyer identified himself as "James Keong" with Zoom Exposure Photography and told the girls he wanted to take photos of them. The girls gave Boyer one of their phone numbers.

Over the next few days, police say Boyer sent dozens of text messages to that number, describing what kind of photos he wanted to take of the girls. At one point, authorities say Boyer suggested that he come over to the girls' home while their parents were away. He even offered to bring alcohol, saying he would photograph the girls while they played dress-up.

Even when the girls asked to have their parents present, police say Boyer was adamant about not having them there, telling the girls their parents did not need to sign any waivers for him to take pictures.

The girls contacted police, who set up a meeting with Boyer, using the girls' cellphone. Officers were waiting for him when he showed up at the girls' Fullerton home on Saturday.

Boyer tried to flee and tossed his cellphone out of his car, but he was blocked by police. He was arrested for contacting a minor with the intent to commit sexual offense. More charges could follow as police continue their investigation.

Because of his aggressive tactics, police fear Boyer may have tried this before.

"Typically, when you have someone that is this aggressive in the type of activity, the volume of text messages, we assume he's probably done this before and maybe there are other girls that haven't reported it to their parents," said Capt. Lorraine Jones with Fullerton police.

If you have any information that can help investigators, you're urged to contact the Fullerton Police Department at (714) 738-6762.

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