Recovered burglary items displayed online by LAPD


The LAPD says it has more than 11,000 items taken during burglaries in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Among the recovered items are jewelry, kitchen utensils and cellphones.

Authorities came across the property after their task force started investigating "fence" burglaries earlier this year. Officials said a fence is a person who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale. After extensive surveillance efforts, they arrested several burglary suspects.

Victims can claim their property by looking through photos on the LAPD's website, documenting the item number and calling the LAPD's Operations-Valley Bureau at (818) 644-8091.

They can also send an email to The email should include a brief description of the item, the item number written on the yellow tab in the picture, the name listed as the victim on your burglary report, the report number, the address where the burglary occurred, the date of the crime and a callback number.

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