Christmas decorations stolen from Woodland Hills home


Residents along Candy Cane Lane go all out with their holiday decorations, putting in hard work every year, but a thief tried to undo all of that effort. Neighbors, however, say they won't let the Grinch steal their Christmas spirit.

Resident Bill Rush says crowds flock bumper-to-bumper to Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season to admire the festive decorations.

A thief stole six blow-up decorations and several over-sized candy canes off the lawn of Rush's residence.

"I'm a little bit upset about the $4-500 worth in costs, because out of the decorations that were taken, several of them were new," Rush described.

Rush believes the decorations were stolen sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, and he says the thieves went through a lot to take them off his property.

"They took the electric cords and the timers," Rush said, pointing out that the combination of decorations on his property almost present a trip hazard, which the culprits likely had to maneuver.

Neighbors in the area were frustrated at the Grinch-like behavior.

"That's horrible. That's like no Christmas spirit there. I just can't believe they would do that. It sounds like the Grinch," said Manuel Hernandez, a Woodland Hills resident.

Another neighbor Allan Pollack said he hopes Rush doesn't get discouraged by the thief's actions.

The Rush family has already replaced many of the stolen items and plan to continue their tradition - perhaps with a few modifications.

"We'll continue to decorate. Just maybe I'll put a silent alarm out or something," said Rush. He said this is the first time something like this has happened to him, and he hopes it's the last time.

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