Cool Kid's art sends anti-bullying, anti-violence message


Stephanie Varela is a Cool Kid who is saying no to bullying. She's actively involved in campaigns that aim to stop both bullying and domestic violence.

"There's stories, there's news, there's more of it going on. And now I know people. It just makes me want to do something about it," says Stephanie.

Stephanie is a talented artist and she uses her skills to spread this very important message.

"She just gives a powerful, powerful presentation with her beautiful artwork that students and parents can really relate to," says public safety advocate Monica Harmon.

Her piece entitled "Shattered Esteem" is a compelling statement on the effects of bullying.

"That one I actually wanted to show a place in time you're not going to see, when someone who is victimized is by themselves," says Stephanie.

Stephanie's work shows the problem, but in addition she feels awareness is just as important.

"Things that go under their noses, I want them to not pass it by anymore, to see that it's a problem," says Stephanie.

Whether using pen, pencil or paintbrush, Stephanie Varela is working to bring a serious problem out of the shadows and into the light.

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