Real-life newlywed Jessica Biel plays a mother in 'Playing for Keeps'


In the new film "Playing for Keeps," Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler play a once-married couple. He's a former soccer star who lost everything, and now he's trying to get it all back, and that includes his ex-wife and their son.

After working opposite little Noah Lomax, I asked Jessica if playing a mom made her want to be one -- or was it the opposite?

"Maybe somewhere in the middle," said Jessica. "I had such a good time working with Noah, who plays 'Louis,' my son. And he was so fun. I had the best job in the world playing his mom. But, no, it didn't make me want to go immediately have, you know, 10 babies running around or something like that."

Jessica auditioned to win this role. And she believes that if you're going to play someone, you need to know if you can find that character within you.

"I'm not always offered things," said Jessica. "But sometimes when you're offered something and then you say yes to it, it's way more intimidating to step onto the set when you haven't fought for it, you haven't earned it, you didn't win it. You haven't even tasted what it could be yet. It's much scarier when you haven't auditioned."

But in Jessica's book, being scared is a good thing.

"I just don't want to be bored. I want to be terrified constantly," said Jessica. "There's something about that, I feel like I work really well when I have that sense of fear, of, 'Oh my God, can I actually do this? Can I actually pull this off?' So next year? I don't know. If I could do, I'd love to do a Broadway play. That'd be really wonderful. And terrifying. Absolutely terrifying."

"Playing for Keeps" is rated PG-13. It's new in theaters this weekend.

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