Henry's Tacos closing after 51 years


"You've been in neighborhoods throughout your life and there have been eateries that come and go. Some place like this, the flavor is the same as it was the first time I bit into a bean-rice burrito probably in 1973."

Janis Hood's grandparents started the business in 1961. Hood took over some years ago and has now decided she must close the popular taco stand, likely by Dec. 31.

Hood said she had been working with the owner of the property to renew her lease, but things took a bad turn when she petitioned the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission to consider her family's business a historical landmark.

"They sent it to the City Council saying, 'Oh yeah, five to nothing we want this place.' Landlord went ballistic, so wouldn't renew my lease."

Hood said the City Council never voted on whether the business should indeed become a historical landmark.

The property owner did not return calls seeking comment.

Hood said outside of selling the business she has decided she has no choice but to close it.

"Come on, man. This country needs a revolution. It should start on this street corner, Tujunga and Moorpark. Save Henry's. Save the cheap taco," said one customer.

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