Fiancee of accused double murderer in 2010 speaks out


Rachel Buffett spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News. She is out on bail and with her family after spending three weeks behind bars. She faces allegations of lying to help cover up a gruesome double murder in 2010.

Buffett's attorney said she has a preliminary hearing scheduled Thursday morning in a Santa Ana courtroom, where she will ask for the charges to be dropped. The attorney said a conviction could send her client back into custody for years.

Buffett was an aspiring actress and former Disneyland princess who was engaged to be married to Daniel Wozniak.

Prosecutors say Wozniak murdered war veteran Samuel Herr after luring him into a theater of the Joint Forces Training Center in Los Alamitos, and dismembered him to get rid of the body parts.

Police later recovered Herr's remains after an extensive search at the El Dorado Park Nature Center in Long Beach. Prosecutors say Wozniak tried to cover up that crime by murdering Juri Kibuishi.

Investigators say Wozniak lured Kibuishi into Herr's Costa Mesa apartment by text messaging her from Herr's phone after Wozniak murdered him.

"They were just amazing people and I'm sorry such evil has occurred," Buffett said.

Prosecutors said Wozniak killed Herr so he could steal his money to pay for the wedding and honeymoon to Buffett. Wozniak withdrew $2,000 from Herr's account at an ATM.

The district attorney is pursuing the death penalty against Wozniak, who has pleaded not guilty.

"I think they are very justified in going for the death penalty," Buffett said. "You can't believe anything a sociopath tells you. He did fully confess."

Some two years after the crimes, Buffet was arrested just last month on accusations of helping Wozniak as an accessory to murder.

Calls to the Orange County District Attorney's Office seeking comment were not returned.

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