Charlie Sheen donates $75K to cancer patient


"I say it's not about the money, it's about the heart that they have," said Jasmine Faulk, daughter of a Hermosa Beach police officer.

Wise beyond her years, 10-year-old Jasmine is winning the hearts of many including actor Charlie Sheen and his stunt double Eddie Braun. The duo donated a total of $100,000 to the Hermosa Beach Police Officer's Association. The money is aimed to help Jasmine in her fight against cancer.

"I don't even know them, almost. They kind of don't even know me, so like when I heard they donated it I'm like wow they donated from their heart too," said Jasmine.

Just three months ago, Jasmine was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer called alveolar rhabdomysosarcoma.

The tumor was found near her sinus cavity. Surgery isn't an option so Jasmine is in the midst of 45 sessions of chemotherapy and radiation. Regardless, the 10-year-old is a fighter.

"Sometimes I just feel up and ready and like I'm ready to go and do something," Jasmine said.

Her father, Hermosa Beach police Officer Everitt Faulk, says he's learned a lot from his father-daughter relationship with Jasmine since the cancer diagnosis.

"She's taught me so much in my life," Officer Faulk said.

He and his family are overwhelmed by the outpour of support from fellow officers and other law enforcement agencies in the South Bay.

Officer Faulk's department created a Facebook page for Jasmine and began raising money weeks ago. In fact, it was through the officer's extended law enforcement family that Sheen and his stunt double heard about Jasmine.

Faulk was stunned.

"These guys have no idea who I am, didn't call up the media and bring this big check and say 'hey you guys, look what we're doing, you know,'" said Officer Faulk. "No, instead they just cut a personal check and said here, 'give it to the family.'"

Charlie Sheen's spokesman Larry Solters released a statement Thursday stating "This is one of many charitable donations that Charlie frequently makes."

But to the Faulk family, the generous gift is God sent.

"It makes me feel like I'm famous," said Jasmine.

The young girl says it's been her dream to become a famous actress. If that doesn't work out, Jasmine said she'd like to become a pediatric cancer nurse so she can help other children who are going through what she's experienced.

After giving the donation, Charlie Sheen and Eddie Braun posted a special message to Jasmine on the Hermosa Beach Police Officer's Association's Support Jasmine Faulk Facebook page.

"Give my love to your family and tell those nurses to take really good care of you," Sheen said after inviting her to visit him on the set of his new show, "Anger Management."

Sheen and friends say they can't wait to meet Jasmine and her family and wish them a very Merry Christmas.

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