Peter Marshall's stolen 'Brother Dave' painting found after 30 years


"I never thought I would find Brother Dave again," said the former "Hollywood Squares" host. "Here it is, coming into my home again, which I'm really excited about."

But where has Brother Dave been? It's a question that would have conjured up creative answers from the regulars on "Hollywood Squares" with Marshall.

The portrait of the TV legend's son in his surfing prime was painted by his friend, Chick Bragg. It was stolen from Marshall's Encino home in 1983 when thieves cleaned out his art collection.

"The one painting that I really missed was this wonderful painting with my son, David, when he was probably 17 or 18," Marshall said.

In November, the painting turned up at a Long Beach flea market. The woman who bought it contacted Bragg to learn more about his art, only to learn Brother Dave already had a home. She reached out to Marshall with a true Christmas surprise.

"They've been lovely, they've been very lovely, so I get my painting tomorrow," Marshall said.

But the mystery of Brother Dave's travels remains.

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