All Saints Church in Pasadena remembers Connecticut school shooting victims


Many turned to their faith to find comfort and comprehension after Friday's shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead.

It's just horrible, it's inexplicably awful," said Tom Roddy of Glassel Park. "I think it's something that the rector talked about, was that sometimes there's just no answer for things."

Parents with young children also turned to the church for wisdom on how to explain the incident to their children.

Rector Ed Bacon, a father and grandfather, says he couldn't help but think of his own family during the tragedy. Some of his children are school teachers.

"I have three children who are classroom teachers," Bacon said. "I feel so connected to that."

During his service, Bacon took a bold stance for stricter laws on guns.

"There has to be a call to action, because there can be no healing unless we become in solidarity with the victims and their families and make sure this stops happening," he said.

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