Metro planning stations to bring light rail to LAX


Currently you can take the Metro Green Line to the LAX station, but then you have to take a shuttle to the airport.

There are four plans that LAX officials and Metro are looking at to bring light rail all the way to the airport. All four would require a new station to be built with a people-mover to shuttle travelers and employees to the terminal area.

Roderick Diaz is part of the planning team for Metro. He outlines where the stations could be built.

"Two on the eastern edge of the terminal area to actually get us into the terminals; one where we're planning a station right now at Aviation and Century; and at an intermediate point somewhere in the middle between those two locations," said Diaz, a transportation planning manager.

The Green Line, which begins near the 605/105 freeway interchange, is the closest light rail line to LAX. You have to get off at the Aviation station and then catch a free shuttle to the airport.

Some riders said they like the idea of the light rail line going all the way to the airport.

"It would be great. I thought they were supposed to do that a long time ago," said Derek Johnson, who commutes to work at LAX.

"Everybody would benefit," said traveler Bdasi Nan.

It took half an hour to get from the beginning of the Green Line to the Aviation station during the noon hour Tuesday. At the Aviation station, you'd need to take a bus to get to the airport from there.

Flor Martinez, who works at LAX, said it takes about 15 to 20 minutes by bus from the station to the airport, depending on traffic.

Right now, according to Metro, connecting light rail to LAX could cost between $1 billion to $1.5 billion. Their goal is to have it done by 2020.

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