Mental competency exam ordered for man accused of making bomb threats against LA temple


Before an outburst in court, Wan Ryung Song, 46, was set to be arraigned on bomb threats and vandalizing religious property. He began making profane comments about Jewish people and the U.S.

Song was arrested Wednesday, a day after an LAPD bomb squad responded to two anonymous calls about a suspicious package near a police car outside the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, located at 3633 Wilshire Boulevard. In the end, no explosives were found.

Detectives subsequently traced the phone calls to a nearby pay phone at the Hyun Dae Health Spa, located a couple blocks away from the scene. Song was identified as the perpetrator of the bomb threats.

Investigators later learned the suspect had previously been accused of defacing the Jewish synagogue with Nazi swastikas and corresponding anti-Semitic rant on Dec. 6.

He now faces four felony counts of making malicious false bomb reports and vandalism of religious property. All five counts were charged as hate crimes.

Song is being held in lieu of $170,000 bail.

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