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OTRC: Katt Williams, Suge Knight detained in West Hollywood for parking violations - report

Katt Williams ran into more legal trouble on Thursday when police detained him briefly and issued him a ticket for a parking violation in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

The comedian, who is facing past charges over a series of reportedly violent incidents in California and Seattle, told TMZ in a video interview that eight officers appeared "everywhere" when he pulled up on the side of a street, located near a Subway shop and gym, to pick up his friend and former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, who he says was getting a manicure at a nearby salon.

"All I did was stand outside to pick him up and suddenly, there's all these officers and they find my weed and my guns. Eventually they let me go because, you know, I'm Teflon kitty," he joked. (Watch the video - warning: Contains explicit language)

Possession of certain amount of marijuana is legal with a doctor's prescription in California. TMZ reported that Williams had a medical marijuana card and a permit for the weapon.

The comedian was detained and issued a citation for parking too close to a fire hydrant, E! Online quoted a West Hollywood Police Department spokeswoman as saying, adding that Knight was also detained and cited for having outstanding parking tickets.

The two have not commented about the citations.

Williams have been arrested several times over the past few weeks on more serious charges. Knight had reportedly bailed the comedian out of jail after he was detained earlier this month in Seattle for allegedly acting violent towards patrons of a bar.

He failed to show up for his arraignment and judge accepted his lawyer's claim that it was due to false information printed in a newspaper. However, Williams also failed to appear at his rescheduled hearing on December 12 and a warrant was issued for his arrest, the Seattle Times reported.

Local authorities said that also earlier this month, after a comedy show in Seattle, Williams threw a microphone at a fan after he allegedly became angry that the person was recording his show -- a big pet peeve of many comedians and clubs.

He also allegedly got involved in a confrontation with two other fans there. Williams denied assaulting anyone, saying that they had forced their way into his dressing room, police said. No arrests were made after the reported incident.

Several weeks ago, at the Comedy Store's outdoor bar, Williams punched a person who tried to take a photo of him. The comic then fled, a source told OTRC.com. Police were not called and no arrests were made.

On November 25, Williams reportedly led police in a car chase. Authorities said he ignored calls to pull over after he was spotted driving on a sidewalk near a hotel and then tried to flee from cops on a three-wheeled motorcycle. They added that he had also nearly hit five people. He has not commented.

A warrant was issued and Williams was arrested for the incident, for reckless driving, more than a week later, on December 7. He was released from jail the following day.

On the same day as the police chase, Williams was charged with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly assaulted a Target employee. A surveillance video posted on TMZ showed what the website said was footage of Williams entering a store and slapping a worker in the face.

Williams talked about the incident during a show at the World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 18. He said the Target employee had insulted him and used a racial slur. The worker, who was fired the day after the confrontation, has not commented about Williams' accusation. He has said that he was not the aggressor.

When asked by TMZ if "everything is going to get figured out," Williams joked, while sitting in the drivers' seat of an SUV with Knight in the passenger seat: "I make over $200,000 a comedy show and I work for an hour. I'm saying, how easy is my life supposed to be? I'm representing the 99 percent. So whatever a regular black guy gets, I get that."

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