'This Is 40' puts entertaining, relatable spin on 'Knocked Up' duo


"This Is 40" is another one of writer-director Judd Apatow's R-rated comedies, and you'll know that within the first five seconds of the film.

It has some laugh out loud moments, and if you've hit 40 or beyond, you may recognize moments in your own life you'd rather forget.

Mann and Rudd are clearly comfortable in their roles, and they make them feel like we know them, and give Apatow credit for his screenplay, which can take us from serious to silly with ease.

Megan Fox plays a sexy employee who works for Mann's character.

Look for the real-life daughters of Apatow and Mann playing the daughters of Rudd and Mann. Both will make you smile, and dad gives his oldest daughter the movie's most foul-mouthed rant.

Melissa McCarthy ups that nasty ante in the film's credits -- which are not to be missed, stay seated!

Overall, this is a slice-of-life comedy, sometimes sweet, sometimes biting, always entertaining.

There's a reason this is rated R, so if four-letter words make you squirm, beware. If not, I think you'll have a good time, and I know some people are looking to laugh right about now.

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