Locals continue to honor victims 1 week after Sandy Hook shooting


"It makes it sad for me, because that was 20 of us, pretty much. It could have happened at anytime, or any moment," said Mia Hackworth, a student at Mayflower Elementary School.

A week after the Connecticut's calamity, Monrovia families joined Walk 27, part of a nationwide online campaign to remember all the victims.

"It's really a good idea to show our appreciation for those kids and teachers," said 11-year-old Cameron Slessor.

And there was more appreciation in Montrose, where supporters of the Glendale soccer community signed a banner. It is bound for a hill close to where Sandy Hook Elementary students will be relocated.

"We have 3500 kids who play soccer on a weekly basis. We said we have to do something. Just to know, like it says on the banner, that you're not alone. Even here, 3500 miles away, people are thinking of you," said Scott Nord.

The banner has become so inundated with signatures, a third one might have to be made to send off to Connecticut.

The many gestures are many offerings of hope. Back in Monrovia those hopes rode on bubbles sent skyward.

"We are blowing them to up to the heavens so that the little kids can see them while they are up there, resting in peace," said one young boy.

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